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A Vegan's Guide To Pizza

Pizza is one of the most popular foods enjoyed all over the world and by people of all walks of life. But how do you get to enjoy this treat if you're vegan? Veggie eaters rejoice -- there are some initiatives you can take to get your fill of pizza without having to turn to mainstream meat and cheese based options. If you want to learn some workarounds for enjoying delicious pizza without going against your diet, read on. 

#1: Invest In A Pizza Oven

The old saying goes, if you want something right, then do it yourself. To make sure you're able to get delicious vegan pizza without having to rely on restaurants, buying a pizza oven provides a great investment. In this regard, a wood burning oven is one of the best options to turn to. This will allow you to bake the crust to your liking, which is important since you aren't using any animal products with your dough and need to be meticulous about your cooking directions for it to turn out right. Once you buy a brick oven, you'll be able to branch out into a plethora of vegan pizza recipes and host gatherings at your house to enjoy them with those close to you. 

#2: Learn How To Place Special Orders

Most restaurants you go to won't likely have readily available vegan options. Many restaurants serve veggie pizzas that have cheese, which is perfect for a vegetarian, but not for a vegan. However, if you order your pizza without cheese and with extra sauce, most restaurants like Wasim's Donair & Pizza will be more than happy to accommodate you. Ordering without cheese and meat will also prompt the chefs to pile your pizza high with vegetable based toppings that you can get your fill of. 

#3: Seek Some Popular Vegan Pizza Choices

If you'd rather eat pizza that was meant to be vegan, rather than simply making special orders, there are plenty to choose between. Some popular vegan pizza options include buffalo cauliflower pizza, lasagna deep dish pizza, and barbecue jack fruit pizza. Choosing an excellent vegan option at a restaurant that specializes in such healthy options will open you to a new world of possibilities that you probably were not aware of. This will let you find out what combinations you enjoy, as you develop your palate. 

Use these pieces of advice, so that you can follow your diet and still enjoy pizza.