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Troubleshooting Frequent Issues With The Conveyor Of A Conveyor-Fed Donut Fryer

Serving up fresh-fried donuts every morning is sure to attract a heavy flow of customers who are out getting an early start, which means having the appropriate equipment to keep the product prepared and ready for business is of the utmost importance. If your bakery produces a large number of donuts on a daily basis, the conveyor-fed donut fryer is easily the single most important thing you have in your commercial kitchen. If something goes wrong with the conveyor on the fryer, you could be left trying to drop in dough and fry everything up the old-fashioned way, which is a much slower process. Here are a few of the most common issues that can come up with the conveyor on a conveyor-fed donut fryer.

Problem: The conveyor seizes up intermittently.

Cause and Solution: If the chain that drives the conveyor's movement is not appropriately tensioned, it can leave loose gaps, which will affect how the conveyor will move. However, if left unfixed, not enough tension can also cause the drive chain to twist and bind. This prevents the conveyor from rolling along as smoothly as it should. To fix the problem, turn the conveyor of the fryer off and remove the chain guard to look for signs of irregularity. Straighten any problems and adjust the chain's tension.

Problem: The conveyor stalls completely and will not move after minor chain adjustments.

Cause and Solution: If the conveyor suddenly stalls and will not restart after adjusting the tension of the control chain, there could be issues with the conveyor motor. Check to see if the motor is running as it should by listening closely for a gentle humming sound. If you don't hear the motor and it is powered on, turn the power to the fryer off right away to prevent further damage to the conveyor and avoid danger of the motor overheating if something inside is jammed. In most cases, this will mean that you will have to order a replacement motor for the unit.

You do not have to be a maintenance technician to solve a lot of the simple issues that can arise with a conveyor-fed donut fryer. In a lot of cases, all you really need is a little time, knowledge, and experience. However, if you are having issues with your fryer that you cannot tackle on your own, be sure to contact the food equipment manufacturer for specialized advice and service.