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The Dos And Don'ts Of Introducing A Veggie Burger At Your Restaurant

Veggie burgers are more popular than ever before. Offering your customers veggie burgers could make your restaurant more popular overall. Whether you have one store in a small town or a chain of eateries, making a veggie burger with hamburger moulder equipment can bring a boost to your business. Consider these dos and don'ts of introducing a veggie burger to your restaurant menu.

Do Make the Veggie Burger Completely Vegan

Many restaurants introduce a vegetarian burger that still contains dairy and eggs. Unfortunately, that then means that all your vegan customers aren't able to enjoy this option that could otherwise be a tasty choice. To be on the safe side, make the veggie burger without any animal byproducts. That way, vegetarians, vegans, and omnivores can all enjoy the same dish. 

Don't Use the Same Equipment and Broiler

Try to use different equipment to prepare your veggie burgers. For example, get separate hamburger moulder equipment just for the veggie burgers that you want to make. Letting vegan customers know that you are doing this will give them greater peace of mind about eating at your restaurant. Omnivore customers will appreciate your attention to detail and thoughtful disclosure. 

Do Advertise the Vegan Addition to Your Menu

If a vegan comes into your restaurant and doesn't find anything that looks appealing, they may not come back. However, if they discover that you have added at least one appealing vegan menu item, they may be happy to come back and support your eatery. Spread the word about the menu with traditional advertising, and you may also want to target local vegan groups to let them know about the plant-based burger.

Don't Ignore Feedback from Customers

As you introduce the vegan burger to your customers, you may be surprised at some of the feedback you get. Not all of it will be positive, but much of it might be. Take the time to save the positive responses that you get. If your vegan burger gets criticism, take the time to address it. If you realize that you can fix the issue that people point out, do so and announce the changes. 

Finally, take your time in selecting the hamburger moulder equipment for your restaurant. It should make veggie burgers that will be easy to prepare and serve, and it also helps when people can enjoy a plant-based burger without drawing too much attention to themselves. So, make sure the veggie burger sort of blends in with how it is served and presented to your customers. Contact hamburger moulder equipment suppliers today to ask about your options.