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Baked Goods Serving Techniques for Your Child's Birthday Party

Old-fashioned, jelly, cinnamon, and cream donut varieties or an assortment of cookies are tempting treats that you can provide at your child's next birthday bash. If you plan on purchasing fresh-baked goods that come from your neighborhood bakery, choose some interesting ways to showcase the baked goods during the social event.

1. A Tray or Dish of Goodies

Use the colors and the textures of the baked items to create an interesting display that can be placed in the center of the table where your child and the party guests will be seated. Purchase themed donuts and cookies and use a complementary tablecloth, place settings, and decor to draw attention to the sweet treats.

For instance, if your child is a fan of pastel colors and you are going to use pastel-colored balloons, dinnerware, and a table covering, order an array of donuts and cookies that have pastel-colored icing on them or that have been dipped in toppings that possess muted tones, such as powdered sugars or glazes. The grainy texture of each donut or cookie will contradict the smoothness or shininess of a silver platter or a glass dish that is used as the base of the display.

2. The Opportunity to Be Creative

Some bakeries offer baked goods boxes, which include an assortment of pastries, toppings, and a list of instructions that can be used to decorate the dessert items. Purchase a baked goods box that will appeal to a younger crowd and that will allow your child and their guests to be creative and control what their dessert will look like. During the party, set each child up with the donut or the cookie of their choice, an apron, some icing, sprinkles, chocolate syrup, nuts, and utensils to aid them in the decorating process.

3. A Fruit and Sweet Treat Combo

Fresh fruit slices and baked goods can be enjoyed in tandem and will amplify the taste of each donut or cookie that you offer to your guests. Purchase some donut holes and soft mini cookies. Use wooden skewers to create kabobs, which each contain an assortment of donuts, strawberries, banana slices, and cookies. Lay the kabobs across a large platter and allow the children to collect one after the party meal has been served.

You can try these ideas or get more ideas about providing baked goods for your child's birthday by contacting bakeries like Bread Works.