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Three Reasons To Offer Mini Cocktails At Your Catered Event

Coming up with a list of beverages that your event caterer will provide your guests can be enjoyable, especially when you choose a catering service that has a number of suggestions for you to peruse. When it comes to the cocktails that you'll have available for the adults in attendance, one idea that may appeal to you is developing a menu of mini cocktails. These are drinks that are served in small glasses, needing little more than a couple of sips to finish. Here are some reasons that offering mini cocktails at your catered event can be an appealing idea.

Guests Can Enjoy More Variety

The average guest who wants to sip a cocktail at a catered event will often drink just one or two — even if there are others on the menu that look enticing. When you decide to offer mini cocktails, you're giving your guests the ability to enjoy small quantities of a variety of drinks instead of picking just one or two. A lot of people who attend catered gatherings love the idea of sampling a wide variety of different foods and may be keen on taking the same approach to the cocktails that you have available.

They Can Look Exciting

While there are many different ways that a catering service can make mini cocktails available for your guests, one option is to place a large selection of these beverages on a table. Given that these drinks will likely be available in a number of different colors, the visual appearance of the table can be highly appealing. For example, there might be two rows of a cocktail that is one color, another two rows of a cocktail that is another color, and so on. You may even find that your guests feel compelled to snap selfies in front of this catchy display.

The Cost May Be Less

If you're intent on keeping the cost of your catered event down, you may find that mini cocktails can be an effective way of staying within your budget. These cocktails contain just a small amount of alcohol — the alcohol in one conventional-sized drink would be enough to produce several mini cocktails. Depending on how many mini cocktails you decide to make available, you may find that your expenditure on alcohol is less than it would otherwise be. Speak to a local catering service to discuss this idea and to learn more about the mini cocktails that it can produce.

For more information about your options with an event caterer, contact a local catering service.