6 Catering Terms To Know When Planning A Great Event

If you are planning your first corporate event for your company or business, it helps to know the lingo. Catering companies, like most specialized businesses, have their own unique vocabulary. Understanding this vocabulary will help you improve your communication with your catering company and will help you create the event you are envisioning in your mind. Full Service If you want your catering company to not only provide the food and drinks, but also provide the cups, plates, and glass, you are looking for a " [Read More]

Serve A Sugar Snap Pea Salad At Your Spring Wedding

If you are planning on having a spring wedding, take advantage of the abundance of spring. You can cut down on costs by serving salads that take advantage of ingredients that are in-season and fresh. Instead of just serving your typical green salad, offer up something different with this sugar snap pea salad. It's still green, uses seasonal ingredients, and will surpass your guest's expectations.  Sugar Snap Pea Salad This sugar snap pea salad offers a different twist to the idea of a green salad. [Read More]